Why Working From Home is for Me!

I am sitting at my dining room table while my daughter sits next to me practicing her name.

While I may not get a ton of work completed, I love being able to sit with my daughter and help her, while I work; I love that I have the choice.

This wasn’t the plan

I never envisioned myself working from home. I always thought I would have this successful career as Counselor and work with children.

In fact, I am in School now working on my Master’s Degree in Clinical and Mental Health counseling; so being a Counselor is still very much something I want to do, but I needed something better in the interim.

So why am I writing?

Honestly, the idea regarding freelance writing first came to my mind about 5 months ago. At the time I was about 2 months pregnant with my 2nd child; knowing I had another child on the way I quickly felt the anxiety surrounding leaving my baby and returning to the work world.

Although that bridge was a way down the road, I couldn’t stop those same emotions that I had after my daughter from resurfacing; the feelings that I was abandoning my daughter and neglecting to spend adequate time with her.

I couldn’t believe these feelings were coming back up so soon, and I knew I didn’t want to be faced with that decision again!

I had to figure out a way to elude these feelings. I was beyond determined to find a way to stay home with my babies and still be able to make an income – because not working was not an option for me and let’s face it, not working is not an option for many mothers.

The Process

I started by looking into being a virtual assistant. Which I talk about a bit more in another post “7 Vital Tools You Need to Efficiently Work From Home”  Take a look if you want to know a bit more. https://michelleanderson.org/2019/04/12/7-vital-tools-you-need-to-efficiently-work-from-home/

I stumbled across Freelance writing when I ran across the blog of Alicia Rades and one of the authors for The Write Life. https://thewritelife.com/category/blogging/ I also found some pretty helpful tips from Elna Cain, creator of innovative ink https://www.innovativeink.ca/.

Both websites are jammed packed with so much helpful information for beginners like myself!

Although what works well for one writer won’t necessarily work for all writers; I appreciated the knowledge and personal feedback/experience shared on both of these websites.

Hundreds of websites offer up some valuable information to get anyone started on their writing journey.

Where am I now?

Not too far – haha

To be honest, I am not writing this after becoming some sort of success story – I am still in the early stages, and I am still learning a lot from research, trial and error!

I have learned a lot over the last 5 months, but I did not actually put my self out there and start launching my career until about 2 months ago.

I woke up one morning told myself it was time! It was actually beyond time to get started – so  I did!

And honestly, it was the best choice I could have made.

No I am not rolling in money from my 500+ freelance gigs and offers, but I am getting tons of experience, and I happened to land a few clients within 30 days of starting my business – not for free either!

But you see this is only the beginning for me!

While only doing this for such a short amount of time I have been successful. That statement does not make me cocky or conceded because I know that I have not reached the top!

I am continually re-evaluating my goals to push myself for greater success!

Are you are a freelance writer? Are you a mother? Or even a Father?

How do you juggle wiring and taking care of your littles? Please share your story – maybe someone can learn from you!

Pregnancy: The real

Let’s be honest pregnancy is not always this beautiful, blissful experience that everyone wishes it was.

It is okay to acknowledge its truths, no matter how ugly they may seem.

Social media

The thing is social media has put this distorted view in our minds regarding pregnancy, parenting, fitness and so much more. We see perfection everywhere that we feel it’s a requirement; we feel like what we see on Instagram and Facebook must be what real life looks like or what real life should be.

The reality is, that perception and that image you see on Instagram isn’t everyone’s life – and that’s okay!


Although I would love to be a fitness guru at 8 months pregnant, while running my business, tending after my  4-year old, keeping a spotless house, cooking healthy meals daily and having plenty of energy left to hang out with my girlfriends…. the reality is that isn’t my life!

Big props to the women that can do just that; whoever they are! I am not speaking anything negative on their lives; but I am stressing the fact being that image, that lifestyle isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay!

Hey lady you are still winning!

The reality is your probably 30 pounds heavier than before you were pregnant. You are either going to have a clean house or have dinner cooked by 8pm. Energy these days seem to be non-existent, and you can’t remember the last time you took a moment out for yourself!

The reality is you probably hide from the camera because you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin. You smile when people joke about how big your belly has gotten, but in the inside, you just want to slap them. (No, just me?)

The reality is you may act as if you are 100% prepared and have it all figured out, but secretly you are probably scared out of your mind and hope you are doing everything right; whether this is your 1st or your 5th pregnancy, we still have fears and concerns at some point.

Be Real Be Happy

Ladies we have to understand that everything we see isn’t right; it isn’t real.

Our want or need to be perfect, the perfect mother or just the ideal human, makes it so much easier to take these things that we see and allow them to imprint on us and ultimately drive us crazy because we strive for the impossible.

One photo, one post, one video does not tell the entire story. It is only a piece of someone’s life. Most of the times it is the piece that they want us to see or that they create to promote the idea that they that have it all together!

And maybe she does!

But you don’t have to; you don’t need to!

Don’t break yourself trying to be perfect when all you have to do is live life and take in the experiences you are meant to have.

You are still great! You are still winning.

Your Journey just looks different than mine and hers!

5 Things you need to know about Beachbody

I know what you are thinking, “Not another Beachbody post?”

Am I right?

Believe me, I know, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you in on a few secrets!

So keep reading.

Yesterday while trolling Facebook I saw quite a few status updates about being “summertime fine,” and it made me realize that summer is right around the corner.

Yes, yes, it is already that time!

If you have not already started to work on your summer bodies, you might want to get started!

Now, with all the workout, nutrition and general health fads available right now, I figured I would talk about one I know reasonably well- Beachbody

What is Beachbody?

I am glad you asked!

If you are not familiar with Beachbody, it’s a program that offers work out plans like 21day fix, P90X, Insanity, and many others. Beachbody has over 30 workout plans, and they all vary by intensity and your overall goal.

However, Beachbody is not just a program full of workouts; it also provides supplements, such as Shakeology, BeachBar, and other nutrition programs.

Wait, that’s not all. Beachbody also has an enormous community of coaches that are around to help push you towards your goal.

All this sounds pretty amazing, huh?

Everything you need wrapped in one program?

Too good to be true?

Not at all – let me explain.

  1. Everyone can be Successful

Whether you are looking to sculpt your booty, with the Brazilin Butt Lift program, seriously shred, with the P90X Plus program or maybe you looking for some laid back fun that will still get you moving, with the County Heat program; there is something for everyone. You don’t have to be a 5-star athlete to complete these workouts. You just have to complete them!

Some of these workouts are coupled with specific eating plans to help maximize your results.

The best example I can think of is 21-day Fix. 21-day Fix is a relatively popular Beachbody program that yours truly completed a few years ago.

We will come back to that.

21-day Fix offers a detailed workout plan and portion controlled eating plan. This program can be used whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle.

The workout has six 30 minute programs and a 10-minute ab program.

  • Upper Fix – targeting upper body training
  • Lower Fix – targeting lower body training
  • Cardio Fix – targeting your burning more calories
  • Pilates Fix – targeting your abs and thighs
  • Yoga fix – targeting relaxation and stretching through Yoga
  • Total Body Cardio Fix – targeting burning more calories
  • 10 minute Abs – targets your abs for 10 mins

The eating plan provides 6 colored containers that are different sizes. The number of containers you use will vary, depending on the targeted calorie intake in you want.

  • Green container: Vegetables
  • Purple container: Fruit
  • Red container: Protein sources
  • Yellow container: Carbs
  • Blue container: Healthy Fats
  • Orange container: Seeds and dressing

Now back to me – I started this program in 2015; about 6 months after I gave birth to my daughter.  I was at the heaviest weight I had been my entire life, so I knew I needed to do something – and fast. I heard about the 21-day fix, and honestly, I took a chance.

My primary reason for choosing this plan was to be able to work it around my schedule. Being a first time mom to an infant is much work on its own, but not only was I a full-time mom, but I was also working full time and attending night school to obtain my Associate’s degree. I needed something that didn’t have restrictions on workout times, didn’t require two-plus hours in the gym and didn’t involve me having to chug a shake six times a day for X amount of weeks.

So it is safe to say when I started this program, I was completely out of shape, low on time and determined to be successful.

And I did just that!

Just wait, you’ll see!

So, are you wondering about Shakeology?

Yes, Shakeology was one of the BIG recommendations when completing this program; which leads me to my next point.

2. There is no Magic Shake.

While I cannot sit here and provide you with every nutritional fact about Shakeology, I will say, it is not the enchanted weight loss device that you are looking for.

Cinderella, it is not your Glass slipper, girl!

However, with that being said, I personally enjoyed Shakeology. I order the chocolate flavor. I would usually blend it with a banana and sprinkle in a bit of cinnamon and have it for breakfast.

Keep in mind there are plenty of recipes out there for all the flavors of Shakeology; that was just my preference.

The thing about Shakeology is, that it was just that, a shake – which I used to supplement a meal now and then. It did not miraculously cause me to lose inches or shed pounds. It did not remove every ounce of hunger from my body. However, my consistency with the workouts and dedication to the meal plans helped me do that!

This leads me to the next thing you must know….

3. You have to put in the work.

Most of us just want to lose the weight; we don’t really want to make any significant lifestyle changes that will lead us to our dream bodies. Alternatively, we do want to make these changes, but we don’t want to do the work required, to see those changes unfold.

I am entirely guilty of this!

However, that’s the problem, these programs, not just Beachbody, provide you with tools and you have utilized those tools to achieve our goal. No one and nothing can do it for you.

So skipping on the Monday and Wednesday workouts and sneaking that Juicy Burger has consequences that Shakeology can NOT fix.

There is no sugarcoating it here – you have to put in the work!

Also, no, I’m not saying you will be working to your death; as we discussed earlier, the plan is flexible and completely obtainable, but it requires you to come out of your comfort zone and stay consistent.

With that being said I want to discuss the next secret.

4. You can make tweaks and still be successful.

Much, later on, I learned that I can make some alternations and still get to where I wanted to be or maintain where I was at the time.

As I mentioned in 2015, I had very positive results.

Yes, I am getting to the phots – patience, please.

However, I was getting bored with the same six workouts every week for months. I personally prefer to do different types of exercises here and there. I was scared that if I didn’t follow the plan, I would get out of the groove and lose progress.

However, I took a chance, and I started replacing my cardio workouts with nature hikes and other outdoor activities that would provide a good cardio work out. I also stopped with the Shakeology drinks; they were delicious, but my bank account did not enjoy dishing out roughly $130 every month. I also increased my protein intake (red container) even though that changed my calorie goal.

But you know what? It all worked out fine because I was consistent!

5. It really is a lifestyle change.

Do you know how I mentioned those handy tools that we have to utilize?

Well, I was successful in this program because I learned how to take those tools and fit them into my life! Yes, at first I followed the program to the T, but after learning what worked best for me and discovering what I actually liked, I didn’t need to follow the plan step by step. I just needed to stick to the foundation that was provided for me – active living and clean eating!

Okay now for my results:

My results in 2015 after completing 1 round of 21 day fix!

Have you used any Beachbody products? If so leave a comment about the product you used and your outcome. If not are you considering trying any of the Beachbody products? Which one? I’d love to hear from you.